You love that your condo has an extra room. But what function should the space serve: a guest bedroom or a home office? With a little organization and design, you can create a multipurpose space that serves both purposes and looks good doing it.

Before you get started, decide how often the room will be used for each function to help you determine which furnishings are more appropriate.

Pick your priority

Work from home? You don’t want to dedicate space to a huge bed while you’re cramped at a tiny desk. In that case, a daybed may be a better fit for a home office – you have more space during the workday but it can easily accommodate guests when you need it to.

Host regular houseguests? A dresser-desk combination piece or a secretary desk may be the better choice.

Now that you have that squared away, use these tips to make the most of your space.

Choose furnishings that can store or be stored

In a small space, every furnishing and fixture counts. Look for furniture that does double duty.1 For example:

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When choosing your pieces, opt for full-size furniture when it makes sense. Smaller pieces can make a cramped room look smaller.2

Get organized

Clutter can make a small room feel confined. Decide what you really want in the space and remove items taking up extra room.

Use storage liberally – whatever is not in use should be put away. Cords can also make a space look cluttered and unkempt, so use cable ties and cord organizers to keep them tidy.

Open the space up

You may not be able to add more square footage, but you can trick the eye to make a small space look roomier. You can:

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You don’t have to be an interior designer to make your guest and home office space look spectacular. Tackle the DIY projects, like hanging mirrors, and work with a contractor for trickier changes, such as built-in bookcases. Before you know it, you’ll have a functional office that is also ready for hosting guests.

Living in a condo means you have access to other amenities you may not be taking full advantage of. Learn how to use shared spaces without stepping on your neighbors’ toes.