Homeowners Insurance: Liability Coverage


Your liability coverage can prevent you from paying out of pocket for medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and legal representation when:

  1. A visitor is injured on your property.
  2. You cause damage to another person’s property. (Damage you cause with your vehicle, motorcycle or boat is not covered by a homeowners policy.)


  • An unattended fire in your yard spreads to a neighbor’s house.
  • A visitor slips on your icy stairs.
  • Limbs from a tree you are cutting down fall onto your neighbor’s car.
  • A visitor trips and falls on tree roots growing through your uneven driveway.
  • Your dog bites a visitor.


$300,000 in liability coverage:

A policy can pay up to its liability coverage limit from covered claims made against you or a family member living with you for property damage or bodily injury. Consider having at least $300,000 to $500,000 worth of liability protection.1

Add umbrella insurance:

Extended liability coverage provides extra protection beyond what your home policy already covers. Available in $1 million increments, up to $5 million.2

$5,000 in medical payments coverage:

Covers reasonable medical expenses for any non-resident injured on the property regardless of fault. Most policies can pay up to $5,000 for medical expenses.

1 How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?, Insurance Information Institute, 2017. 2 This product is not available in AK and HI.

What if your child broke the neighbor’s window while playing baseball, or your dog bites a friend visiting your home? Unfortunate accidents like these happen every day, and, without liability insurance coverage, you could be held financially responsible for the damage or injury.

What is liability coverage? It’s included in your homeowners insurance and designed to provide protection for you and the members of your household against two types of scenarios:

  • Injuries sustained by visitors to your property
  • Property damage or injury caused by you or any member of your home

Another part of your homeowners insurance is medical payments coverage. If someone visiting your home slips, falls and sustains injuries caused by an ice patch on the driveway, your liability insurance policy would cover reasonable medical expenses for any non-resident injured on the property, regardless of fault.

Liability protection covers situations where you or a member of your household has caused unintended damage to a neighbor’s property. For example, if a tree that you are cutting down falls on your neighbor's car, you could be held liable for the cost to repair any damage. In instances like these, your liability coverage would cover any claims made against you.

When accidents happen, they can be costly. Like optional home insurance coverage, liability insurance coverage may provide a valuable layer of protection for you and the members of your household. Most importantly, your liability protection follows you wherever you go, worldwide.

If someone is injured in an accident in your home, you’ll want to understand if you’re covered and to what extent. Call Amica at 833.513.3883/833.513.3884 to speak with a representative to assess your coverage needs to ensure you’re protected.